Bicycle gadgets - which ones are worth having?

Bicycle gadgets - which ones are worth having?

Cycling is a very nice thing. It is not only a sport, but also a way to relax or to move around efficiently or ecologically. This activity can be easily facilitated or diversified  by various items. Check which 2019 bike gadgets are worth buying!


News among the classics

Among the best bike gadgets of 2019, we have to mention bicycle counters at the beginning. This item is perfectly known to every cyclist. The latest models have non-invasive, but very solid mounts, so even a demanding route is not a challenge for them. In addition, their design has been strongly refreshed. It is kept in a strong, expressive and minimalist style, and some of them are very similar to modern smartphones. Of the most interesting new features, some counters have been equipped with a GPS module which monitors driving all the time. Uploaded maps will not let you get lost, and even help you plan attractive routes.


Another 2019 bike gadget is bicycle lighting which every cyclist should have. Fastening is very similar to the one in a counter. The latest models are constructed in such a way so they will not damage the paint accidentally, and at the same time to hold tight enough to not disappoint the user at some point.



Timeless, and also 2019 bike gadgets are tools, pumps and repair kits. If we have a bike of even the highest class, using it causes minor damage or distortions. It is always worth getting a set of tools. The newest sets have the most necessary tools helpful in case of a breakdown on the route - e.g. tiny hex keys. They are comfortable in use, durable and fold in a practical way, which makes them a very useful set which can save any trip.


In addition, it is worth buying a pump and a repair kit for inner tubes. Today's sets and pumps are also small in size, and the quality has significantly gone up. The wheels are most susceptible to injury, so this set is the basis which you should pack for the trip.>


However, if you prefer, you can carry a spare inner tube. It's worth having a tire balancing tool - an inconspicuous-looking tool, but very practical. A feature that is certainly a huge advantage is the affordable price of all these accessories.

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