Which garden tools are worth having?

Which garden tools are worth having?

Garden care is simply impossible, or at least very difficult without the right tools. There are a lot of them on the market and each is used for something different. So which should a novice gardener acquire? We suggest which garden tools are the most useful!


Three basic tools

The gardener will not organize his work properly without having a rake, spatula and pruning shears. These garden tools will allow you to do most of the basic work in the greenery. Of course, the capability and speed will be provided by larger tools. However, for small gardens handy sets are well-suited. When choosing the right equipment, quality is extremely important. Because each of them will be served to some pressure, they must be durable and hard. They cannot bend. Although, a high price is not a good indicator of quality, the cheapest sets will certainly be made of cheap and unstable materials, and as a result they won't last long.


Equipment replenishment

A wheelbarrow makes working outside very easy. It is worth having it because it helps to transport not only seedlings from place to another, but also makes the transport of larger stones or large amounts of soil not so burdensome for the spine. When we think about more advanced garden tools, it is worth buying a seed drill. This is a hand tool, which enables very precise sowing of grass, but not only - thanks to it, you can plant different groups of plants or spread fertilizer.


When we want to keep order on the paths, as well as around the house, a solid broom made of branches or straw is very useful. Autumn leaves or grass after cutting it like to move so such a broom will easily clean places where such elements are undesirable. Another garden tool designed to keep order is the shovel. With it, you can quickly manually clean up a driveway or another part of the garden.


Each garden has a lawn, and the mower controls it. There are a lot of models, so every gardener can choose one which will completely suit his needs. This is the most expensive garden tool, but necessary. The overgrown lawn is not only unsightly, but also impractical and makes it difficult to use the green area around our house.

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