What are the benefits of head massage?

What are the benefits of head massage?

The head massage, although it looks very inconspicuous, is very beneficial for the health and condition of all body. This kind of massage highly relaxes, calms the nerves, relieves the stress and psychic tensions. It supports the serotonin release to the bloodstream, which improves the overall mood. The other benefit of the head massage is that it helps very quickly in cases of headache, including migraine one. It supports the concentration and memory, affects the improvement of thinking process while having the mental workout and in the moments of fatigue. The massage may be helpful in case of insomnia too. A huge benefit is that it lowers the blood pressure. The benefits of the head massage are amazing when it comes to health! But it also affects our beauty. Thanks to the improved blood circulation, hair follicles are well-nourished which affects the hair look, volume and growth. It also prevents the hair loss and graying.


How to perform head massage?

There are many techniques of performing head massage available. The most important thing is to massage the whole surface. Using the simplest of techniques, you just have to focus on medium strong circular finger moves that go from the center of the head and back forward. Every massage should start with the removal of dead and broken hairs. That will create a room for new, healthy ones. This step should look like you comb your hair with your fingers. It should be performed gently but firmly. The dead hairs will easily let go as you continue to comb your hair. It is allowed during the massage to gently scratch, pinch, press and wrinkle the skin.


The massage may be performed not only by hands! 

Head massage can be successfully performed using special massagers or a hair brush with a gentle bristles. The simplest head massager looks a bit like an egg whisk. Its specific construction enables the massage of the whole surface of the head. Using this massager you can easily perform the massage yourself. There are various types of this massaging device in Eurobatt online store. You will surely  manage to choose one accordingly to your needs. Purchasing your own head massager will allow you to discover all the benefits of head massage literally on your own skin.

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