Survival gadgets for everyone

Survival, or the art of survival. It is a type of activity that aims to collect useful tips, ideas and skills that will allow you to survive in extreme conditions. Survival has its die-hard fans, who are also often interested in military items. The art of survival, however, is not an activity that touches a very small group of lovers of this topic. There are many publicly available survival gadgets, items of various applications and activities that, when we involuntarily make or use them, teach us how to survive in difficult conditions.


Source of light

Although not everyone is aware of this, even a flashlight is in a sense a survival gadget. No special training is needed to operate this device, and we often deal with it from an early age. Therefore, we involuntarily gain the ability to cope in a situation when there is a shortage of electricity or we hit a dark place. Most flashlights powered by batteries are not fully a survival gadget, but its equivalent powered by the dynamo function will work even in the most extreme situations. The dynamo flashlight needs only a few to a dozen or so moves with a special crank or button to charge the battery that powers the bulb. Epic!


For cooking and defense

Pocket knife - everyone knows what it is and what it is used for. Many people, especially men, use a pocket knife or similar multitools from an early age. Depending on the tip used, with this small folding device you can cut, pry, saw, open the cap or pull out the plug, and often even screw something. The ordinary, basic pocket knife or its more extensive version is therefore a survival gadget that will be used in extreme conditions. An interesting solution are miniature pocket knives that can be attached to the keys.


Water is life

A water bottle or filter bottle can save lives in many situations. This item no longer requires any practice in use. However, when you hit a place where there is no access to reliable, clean water, the filter bottle can be used to thoroughly clean the water. Even a classic soft water bottle can be a survival gadget - such a rolled up bottle does not take up much space, but it allows drinking water in an extreme situation, which can be useful later.


Everyone knows it

As you can see, survival gadgets are not only specialized knives, military thermal clothing or professional equipment. Each of us has to deal with these types of gadgets, thanks to which we are even minimally prepared for extreme conditions.

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