How to travel safely?

Man, as a species, has always had a tendency to move, explore new areas and travel. Nowadays, this activity is much easier and more accessible to everyone than, for example, a hundred years ago. Thanks to the development of modern technologies, we can travel quickly and comfortably, and above all cheaply. Buses, cars, planes and fast trains are within the financial reach of almost everyone, and the journey even "to the other end of the world" lasts a maximum of several hours. However, when traveling to another continent or on a voyage with several transfers, you can easily get lost or lose your luggage. So how to travel safely? We advise!


Have your phone with you

It is very important while planning a safe journey that you plan your transportation from place to place carefully. The infrastructure and communication of a foreign city can be misleading, not to mention the situation when you are in another country with a foreign language you do not know. To travel safely around the world it is always good to have a smartphone with internet access that will allow you to check not only the map, but also the timetable or the translation of some words and names. Charging it, however, can sometimes cause a problem, so the basic equipment of every traveler should be a power bank, an USB cable and a car charger. Thanks to this, you can charge the phone even while hitchhiking.


Hide money

Every safe journey requires you to have the necessary documents with you, such as your ID card, passport, often driving license, as well as money in both cash and credit cards. In order not to lose the most important elements of your inventory, such as documents or money, it is worth equipping yourself with a decent, durable and comfortable bag or backpack. Zippered pockets are also important. Interestingly, the wallet is the least secure form of storage for these important items. It's easy to lose, and pickpockets who somehow get into your luggage will be looking for it! Therefore, remember to store money in several places in your inventory - between clothes, in a backpack pocket, a vanity case, pants pocket, etc. Even if you are unlucky or robbed or lose one piece of your luggage, you'll always be secured with extra cash.


Tag the bag

If you are going on a trip with several bags, you must secure and tag your luggage. Wrapping them with foil or adhesive tape is not a good idea, especially if you find that you accidentally packed documents into them, if you have to use extra cash from the bag or airport staff will ask you if they have doubts about the contents of your luggage. A much better solution to ensure a safe journey is to buy a miniature padlock, which you will put on the lock of a bag or suitcase. It is also worth remembering to buy tags - preferably those with an unusual picture. Writing your address on such a tag will allow you to recover your luggage if you lose it in another city, and a colorful picture / badge will catch the eye immediately when you search for your luggage at the airport or in the luggage compartment of the bus. Safe traveling is not difficult!

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