How to perform a relaxing shoulder massage?

How to perform a relaxing shoulder massage?

A relaxing shoulder massage has a therapeutic effect on the mind and body. It helps to relax and decompress, but also to rest and calm down after a long, hard day. It may be performed with hands or using the electric, three legged massaging device to be held in one hand. The massager is available to purchase in Eurobatt online store.


Rules of the relaxing massage

It’s the ideal situation when you may just ask someone to give you a relaxing massage. It is definitely much easier than performing it by yourself. The basic rule is to work on the bare skin. It is recommended to use an olive. The massage shouldn’t be painful! It’s a crucial thing. First, we start with gentle moves to go to the stronger ones as we continue. All the moves should always face the same direction - from the centre to the outside. The massage starts with stroking. This will warm up the skin and allow you to relax. Next you have to rub your arms gently, which however is a stronger action than the stroking. The next step is an actual massage. The fingers should move like they are kneading little dumplings. You massage the body spot by the the spot not to leave any surface without having been massaged. After that it’s time to rub the muscles. Again, you start with a gentle strokes that will calm the body down. If you are using the massaging device, you may add some pressure using your hands and arms to get a deeper massage effect. Now you know how to perform a relaxing shoulder massage!


The benefits of the massage

Every kind of massage is beneficial for the body. It improves and accelerates the blood circulation which prevents the clots. It helps to oxygenate the tissue. It has a positive effect on the muscles - improves their elasticity and shape, thanks to which they are much better prepared for the physical exercise and regenerate faster afterwards. The massage improves the condition of the skin, thanks to the oxygenating effect it looks healthy, smooth and bright. The massage is also very beneficial for the mind, allowing to get away from problems, relax and calm down. It’s a great support for the depression and insomnia treatment. It is recommended to get a shoulder massage frequently for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle e.g. through working on a computer.

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