How to choose the perfect hairbrush?

How to choose the perfect hairbrush?

Each type of hair requires a different type of care. Hence the multitude of shampoos and conditioners on the market, and it is no different when it comes to combing accessories. Curly hair should be combed or brushed with the wide spaced tool made of different material than the tool created for thin, straight hair. The purchase of a hairbrush should be thought out and the product should also be well chosen. Only then combing or brushing will be pleasant and leave the hair in good condition. If you don't know what to look for, we encourage you to read the text.


Specify the type!

To perfectly choose a hairbrush, you need to determine the type of your hair. Not only length matters, but also the structure, quantity and general condition. A good combing product will work with along, instead of tearing or pulling the hair. For thin hair, models with delicate bristles are recommended. On the other hand, owners of thick and long hair may be tempted to buy a hairbrush with harder needles. The size of the brush head is also important. It does not have to be large for thin and short hair. Similarly - lush hair types should be combed with a model with a large head and wider spaces. Brushes that have round tips on their bristles’ tops, wonderfully stimulate the blood flow in the scalp, which results with stronger and shinier hair. Just remember to brush your hair at least three times a day.


What to choose for curly hair?

It may be a big surprise for you, but if you are an owner of curly hair, a hairbrush is not the best solution. A comb with wide tooth spacing will work great here. It can be purchased individually or as a set. The set is very practical and, thanks to the choice of different types of combs, it is possible not only to comb effectively but also to style.


Special task - styling

Styling hair brushes are interesting products. They have a very specific round shapes, but also they differ between each other. Using the styling brush, you can give your hair more volume, style your bangs, or curl your entire hairstyle. Choosing the right model should be based on similar reasons as in the case of other hair products. For short hair, we recommend models with a smaller diameter up to 30 - 40 mm. Owners of thick and long hair should choose a brush with a minimum diameter of 60 mm. When choosing a brush, remember to make sure it is light and handy. Some models are made of very pleasant to the touch material and have a satin surface, which further affects comfort during styling.

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