Favorite bra - how to care for it?

A bra is an inseparable element of every woman's everyday clothing. Perfectly fitted, it is not only comfortable, but also makes women's breasts look nice, sexy and properly supported. To make this element of lingerie look beautiful and keep it fulfilling its role for the longest possible time, it should be properly taken care of. So what to do to keep your favorite bra in proper condition?


Demanding laundry

Bras are very specific elements of underwear. It is a huge mistake to throw them with the rest of the clothes into the washing machine and clean them on a standard program. Inappropriate care results in underwires coming out of the bra, and the material stretches and is no longer able to hold the breast properly afterwards. You should wash your favorite bra by hand. This is the most appropriate way to keep your underwear from getting damaged. Fortunately, technology comes to the rescue and today the norm is that washing machines can be set to hand wash mode. In addition, it is worth stocking up the right accessories for washing bras - special covers for washing. They have many advantages. They are designed to have the right shape that will protect the cups of your favorite bra. And if you put a few bras into the washing machine, they will not tangle with each other and damage each other's surface. Accessories of this type have different variants. Both delicate versions made of fine mesh and plastic are available.


A beloved bra can be universal!

Each woman has one bra model that she particularly likes. However, sometimes the body changes and the bra may become too small in the circumference. You can deal with this using clasp extensions. They are available in many colors, so even under a transparent blouse you will not see this discreet solution. Sometimes unusual shirts are also worn, for example with bare backs. Then the view of your favorite bra in the middle of the back is not favorable. But you can easily deal with it. Special straps are available, thanks to which the bra can be put on very low at the back, and at the same time it will still perfectly support the breasts. So you can have one favorite bra and use it for a wide variety of styles.

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