Bike lights - an essential or a gadget?

Bike lights - an essential or a gadget?

Bike lights are definitely an essential equipment of every bike. All the vehicles moving on the street should be well noticeable, which provides the safety of other road users. This also applies to bikers. The lack of bike lights is very risky. The car driver passing by might not notice an extra road user nearby and it’s a one step to the tragic accident. Moreover, you may get a police ticket when the bike lights are not on. It is worth to purchase the proper equipment which are the front and the backlight for your bicycle.


Choosing the right bike lights

While choosing the right bike lights it’s important to consider the purchase of both front and backlight. The front light should glow with a white or mild yellow light. The backlight should emit the red light. Modern types of light are usually LED lamps, which allows to save a lot of energy. Very often there are different lighting options available, such as day mode, night mode and a flicker mode. The lamps may come in different sizes. The appliance method are also varying. They may be installed traditionally - to the seat post, or to the handlebar. However, if you are afraid you won’t be able to install the light without scratching the surface, there is one easy and delicate option to choose - a light with hook-and-loop fastener. It’s as sturdy as the classic lamp, but the appliance isn’t permanent, it’s easy to remove it at any time. You don’t have to worry your lights would get stolen. It’s a common thing nowadays that the heads of the lamps are removable from the grip, so you may leave your bike on the sidewalk with your lamps being safe in your pocket or backpack.


Modern bike lights

As we already mentioned before, modern bike lights are using the LED technology. Thanks to that they need much less power than previous halogen ones. LED bike lights emit very bright, clear and easily visible light. Lamps differ within each other with the kind of power supply. Some of them use traditional batteries, but there are new types available already, that can be charged with the USB charger. Both ways have their pros and cons, so it all depends on the user’s taste and needs. You may purchase bike lights of many different kinds in the Eurobatt store. You will choose the right product with no problem whatsoever, because the wide range of options.

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